Who said luxury living had to be detriment to the environment? Based in super green Vancouver, BC; iLED is proud to be the first Canadian company that designs and produces stylish Low-Carbon LED furniture and decorations. We devote our passion of the ‘Arte de la Vie’ into ecology by introducing specialized LED decorations that create an authentic luxury lifestyle that is not only enjoyable, but also sustainable!


As outdoor living, entertaining, and dining continue to complement our current lifestyles, people want their indoor and outdoor spaces and events to be a reflection of their personal taste. We provide all the comforts and design elements you’ve come to enjoy in  all your spaces. 


Our clients include architects, landscapers, interior designers, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, night clubs, in addition to providing residential and personalized LED products. We also provide design/decoration consultation services to meet your specific needs to create a unique experience for your living spaces, parties, and events.


If you have any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiries!