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Shop Now Christmas Gifts and Decorations for Your Loved Ones!

CE, ROHS, UL certified, all our products are Sun & Rain proof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The decorative products can be even placed in your swimming pool where they lay flat on the water and create an authentic and romantic ambiance. 


Our long-lasting high efficient LED bulbs provide light for everyone, everywhere. Whether they involve lamps, furniture or everyday objects, our systems are designed to diffuse adequate lighting while remaining practical and discreet. iLED furniture is constructed from an eco-friendly recyclable opaque, robust PE material which allows them to be firm and extremely durable, while also allowing the LED light to glow through.


Due to its construction, the whole range of our products can be branded using adhesive vinyl, perfect for exhibitions and corporate functions. Logo printing is also available at pre-order sales with MOQ, please contact us for inquiry.

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